Hydraulic Attachment

The HOSSFELD UNIVERSAL® Hydraulic Attachment is the ONLY hydraulic attachment guaranteed to work with the HOSSFELD UNIVERSAL® Model No. 2 Bender.


Production bending in short runs and hard to pull bends on heavy material are accomplished easily with Hydraulic power provided by the Hydraulic Attachment for the No. 2 HOSSFELD UNIVERSAL® Bender. Simple, positive foot control of the hydraulic power leaves both hands free to control stock. Double acting cylinder returns swinging frame while operator resets stock for feed along bending. Operator can gauge degree of bend better and complete bends faster, with less work, than by manual bending.

For bending 90 degree up to 180 degree on wrap around type dies a special “L” type swinging frame is available (see Figure 30).

The Hydraulic Attachment can be used with any Model No. 2 HOSSFELD UNIVERSAL® Bender. Installation can be made quickly and easily with only 4 bolts (included) by following simple, illustrated instructions furnished. Changing from power to manual operation requires only disconnecting, or connecting, the hydraulic ram by pulling, or inserting, one pin.

​Typical bends are illustrated below. With the exception of the bending of eye bolts (Figures 2 and 6), all the bends illustrated on the Tooling pages can be made on the hydraulic powered unit.​

Bending 1-1/2″ and 2″ Standard Pipe

Feed-along type dies permit any degree of bend, offsets, and coils. (Figure 29)​

180 Degree Bending with Special “L” Frame

Bend pipe, tube or solid stock on wrap around dies. ​(Figure 30)​

Single Stroke 90 Degree Bend on Pipe, Rigid Conduit

No mandrels or fillers required to make smooth bends. (Figure 31)​

Forming Sharp Square Bends on Wide Flat Stock

Cold Bend up to 1/4″ x 4-1/2″ HOT ROLLED MILD STEEL or equivalent. (Figure 32)​