Equalizer Type Pipe and OD Tube Dies

All figures show the No. 2 Bender with tooling needed for the specific bend. All tooling sold separately.

Bending Larger Diameter Rings or Eyes

2-1/2″ and Larger Eyes or Rings may be made using the 20B1 Cast Cam mounted over the 53B2 center pin. (Figure 12-1)

Bending Round or Square Eyes on Flat Stock

The Bulldozer Die illustrated above is designed for making round or square bends on stock up to 3/16″ thick and 4-1/2″ wide. The advantage of this die for sharp square bends, is that the stock can be easily removed from the machine by pulling a pin; thus round or square eyes can be made. Also, the die is ideal for making intricate bends on wire up to 1/4″ diameter. (Figure 13)

Equalizer Type Pipe and O.D. Tube Dies

For Cold Bending 16 ga. thru 10 ga. O.D. tubing and sch. 40 pipe up to 180 degrees without the use of mandrel or filler. Tube sizes available 3/8″ thru 2″. Pipe sizes 1/4″ thru 2” (Figure 14). Large Radius Bends or Coils on 3/8″ thru 2″ O.D. tube and 1/4″ thru 2″ sch. 40 (Figure 14).

90 Degree Bends on Rigid Conduit, Standard Size Pipe

This “Rigid Conduit” bending die is used mainly by electricians for quantity production of 90 degree ells. The capacity on this type of die is 1/2″ thru 1-1/2″ sch. 40 pipe. (Figure 15)

Bending Reinforcing Bar

Specifically Designed Dies for re-bar sizes though 1″ Grade 40 make it easy to bend fill-in mat and saddles as needed on the job. Mounts on bench or rugged steel pedestal available. (Figure 16)

Bending Scrolls

Scroll Bending Dies form uniform single turn scrolls 2-1/2″, 4″ and 5″ diameter and one-and-one half turn scrolls 6-1/2″ and 8″ diameter. Hand operated, forms complete scrolls in seconds. Capacity 3/16″ x 3/4″. (Figure 17)