Basic Pipe, Bar, Eye Bolts, U, Rings

• Pipe and conduit
• Eye bolts, S shapes, etc.
• Angles, offsets, etc. of heavy cold stock
• Heavy cold U shapes
• Sharp square bends on wide flat stock
• Rings and coils

Bar and Angle Iron

• Sharp bends or U bolts
• Ornamental iron work
• Angle iron with flange inward
• Angle iron with flange outward
• Flat stock edgeways
• Notched angle Iron

Equalizer Type Pipe & OD Tube Dies

• Larger diameter rings or eyes
• Round or square eyes on flat stock
• Equalizer type pipe, OD tube dies
• 90° bends rigid conduit, standard size pipe
• Reinforcing bar
• Scrolls

Handrail Capping, Electro Metallic Tube (EMT), Square Tubes

• Handrail capping
• EMT 1/2″ to 1-1/4″
• EMT 1-1/2″ to 2″
• Square tube bends

More Handrail, Square Tube,
Angle Iron

• Larger radius bends on square tubing
• Rectangular tube
• Edgebending handrail capping
• Angle iron heel inward
• Angle iron heel outward

One Pull Angle Iron, Flat Eye, Diagonal Bends

• One pull inbend angle iron bending
• Flat eye attachment
• Square tubing on section diagonal 180
• Square tubing on feed along

Hydraulic Attachment

• 1-1/2″ and 2″ standard pipe
• 180° bending with special L frame
• Single stroke 90° bend on pipe, rigid conduit
• Sharp square bends on wide flat stock