Hossfeld Model No. 2 Tube & Pipe Bender

The sturdy manual No. 2 Tube & Pipe Bender starts with the same solid-steel bender as our Standard Model No. 2 bender. Comes with tooling to bend Tube and Pipe ONLY. Purchase dies separately — choose from popular in-stock dies.

If you don’t see a size you need
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We have the largest selection of Tube and Pipe dies available.

  • Rotary-draw bender; minimizes distortion
  • Solid steel; heat-treated for strength and durability; virtually indestructible
  • Easy-install dies drop in place with pins; no wrenches
  • True 180º dies for one-pull bends
  • Capacity up to 360º
  • Cast iron dies last and last — virtually no replacements necessary
  • Arrives fully assembled and trued. No assembly or alignment necessary
  • 1-year limited warranty right out of the box
  • Upgrades easily to bend additional stock or add hydraulic power
  • Round OD Tube up to 1-1/4″
  • Square Tube up to 1″
  • Schedule 40 Pipe up to 1″
  • Bend up to 2″ stock with added hydraulic power

Bend even more!

We give you more solutions. Because the Tube & Pipe Bender starts with the basic “Hossfeld” bender frame, you’ll find that in addition to bending Tube and Pipe, you can choose other dies that will drop right into the Tube and Pipe Bender without having to purchase extra pins, blocks, or other set-up tooling. Call (507) 452-2182 to talk to our technical staff about bending the following stock in the Tube and Pipe Bender:

  • Rectangular Tube*
  • Angle Iron (Leg-Out)
  • Rigid Conduit
  • Handrail*
  • Scrolls

​And still more!

When you’re ready to take advantage of our full range of dies for Flat, Bar, Rectangular, Handrail, Angle Iron, Conduit, Structural, and more, the Tube and Pipe Bender can easily be upgraded to a Standard model by purchasing additional tooling. Download our catalog to see what you can bend with a “Hossfeld” bender.

* Hydraulic power required.

Part Number

​UNIVERSAL Model No. 2 Tube & Pipe Bender

Shipping Weight
​75 lbs


• Main Frame
• Swinging Frame
• 17B Flat-head Pin
• 19B U-Pin
• 20B Center Pin
• 27B Circle Stop Gauge

Part Number

​​28B5 Lever and 28B7 Hand Lever Pins

Shipping Weight
​16 lbs

4-ft solid steel handle inserts into swinging arm for extra leverage.* Locks securely in place with a single pin. Handle offset allows a comfortable grasp while providing full bending range.

​* Standard swinging arm can be used without hand lever only on small stock or with hydraulic power, sold separately.

Part Number

No. 2 Pedestal Stand

Shipping Weight
​140 lbs

Sturdy all-steel stand provides stability and strength without twisting.* Bender mounts with just 4 bolts. Bender can also be mounted on any stationary surface, such as a work bench.

​* Stand must be attached to floor