​Hossfeld Model No. 2
Universal® Bender

The Standard Model No. 2 Bender is the original UNIVERSAL bender for Tube, Pipe, Flat, Bar, Angle Iron, Handrail, Scrolls, and more. It’s equipped with standard tooling to fit most of our die sets (some dies require additional tooling). We sell hundreds of dies to fit this bender. Equip your shop with a multi-functional bender.

Hossfeld Model No. 2
Tube & Pipe Bender

Custom and Racecar Hobbyists:
​The focus is on tube and pipe!

The sturdy manual No. 2 Tube & Pipe Bender starts with the same solid-steel bender as our Standard Model No. 2 bender.

Comes with tooling to bend Tube and Pipe ONLY.

Purchase dies separately — choose from popular in-stock dies.

​Hossfeld Model No. 2
School or Shop Bender

The School & Shop Bender is an ideal starter package for school shops, vocational schools, art departments, machine shops, maintenance departments, or anyone who wants a complete “Hossfeld” bender package with starter tooling for Tube, Pipe, Flat, Bar, Angle Iron, Scrolls, and ornamental work. Ideal for instruction; enables students to learn metalworking skills and complete projects with hands-on experience.