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To order call:
(507) 452-2182

Fax Number
(507) 454-1194

Download Hossfeld Bender catalogs for Model No. 1 and Model No. 2 Benders and parts, Introduction to Tooling, QuickStart Guide

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  • Over 80 Years' of Experience
  •    •   American-Made
  •    •   Largest Selection of Tube and Pipe Dies Available
  •    •   Tooling for All Types of Stock

Model No. 1 and Model No. 2 Benders you can:

Bend stock:
Pipe & OD Tube Square & Rectangular Tube Flat Stock and Bar Stock
Angle Iron Rigid Conduit Reinforcing Bar
Handrail Capping Electro Metallic Tube T-Bar
Bend forms:
Eye Bolts "S" Shapes "U" Shapes
Angles, Irregular Shapes, Offsets Sharp Square Bends Rings and Coils
Square Tube on Section Diagonal, 180 Degrees, or Feed Along Angle Iron, Flange-inward, Flange-outward Angle Iron, Heel-inward, Heel-outward
Notched Angle Iron Flat Stock, Sideways Flat Stock, Edgeways
Sharp Right Angles Large Diameter Rings & Eyes Round or Square Eyes
Ornamental Iron Work Scrolls, Lamb’s Tongue, Volutes  
Add special attachments:
Shear Attachment Flat Eye Attachment Hydraulic Power Attachment
Office: (507) 452-2182         Fax: (507) 454-1194         [email protected]

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