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(507) 452-2182

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(507) 454-1194

Download Hossfeld Bender catalogs for Model No. 1 and Model No. 2 Benders and parts, Introduction to Tooling, QuickStart Guide

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Largest Variety of Tooling   •   OD Tube   •   Pipe   •   Angle Iron   •   Flat   •   Bar   •   Edgebends   •   Conduit   •   Electro-Magnetic Tube   •   Handrail   •   Scrolls   •   90° Bends   •   180° Bends   •   360° Bends   •   Square Bends   •   Eye-Pins   •   Rings   •   Coils   •   S-Bends   •   U-Bends
Tooling Options
Basic Pipe Basic Pipe Basic Pipe Basic Pipe
Basic Pipe, Bar, Eye Bolts, "U"'s, Rings Bar and Angle iron More Pipe, Round, OD Tube, Scroll Tooling Hydraulic Attachment
Basic Pipe Basic Pipe Basic Pipe  
Handrail Capping, EMT, Square Tube More Handrail, Square Tube, Angle Iron One Pull Angle Iron, Flat Eye, Diagonal Bends  
Office: (507) 452-2182         Fax: (507) 454-1194         [email protected]

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