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New Offering! No. 2 Tube & Pipe Bender

Custom and racecar hobbyists alert: The focus is on tube and pipe!


Pedestal Stand $315
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Same solid steel bender as our Standard Model No. 2, but now we ship it with just the tooling you need for bending tube and pipe. You can focus on the dies you need.*

AND » You’ll be using the same world-famous “Hossfeld” dies that race car professionals use. What’s more, we have the largest selection of Tube and Pipe dies available.

*Dies sold separately



Standard Model No. 2 Bender
This is the original!

The HOSSFELD UNIVERSAL® Standard Model No. 2 Bender is the original rotary-draw bender for all your bending needs: Tube, Pipe, Flat, Bar, Square, Rectangular, Angle Iron, Handrail and more. Dies interchange easily. Add hydraulic power for heavy stock.

Shown with:
Pedestal Stand $315
Standard H60 Hydraulic Attachment $3,025
Dies sold separately





H60 Hydraulic Pump

Fully redesigned for greater efficiency and convenience. 1000 psi bends up to 2″ Tube and Pipe. Foot switch on 10′ cord for easy placement. Comes with standard limit switch for precision bends.

Starting at $2,375






School & Shop Bender

Everything you need to equip a shop for bending at one low price. You’d pay far more if you bought all these parts separately. Comes with bender, stand, hand lever, and starter tooling for Tube, Pipe, Flat Bar, Angle Iron, Edgebending, and Scrolls.




ORIGINAL HOSSFELD UNIVERSAL® Benders have stood the test of time. These rugged and versatile benders are the favorites of job shops, weld shops, maintenance departments, race car professionals and hobbyists, farm operations, contractors and others. Ideal for artists, sculptors, vo-tech and metalwork programs, and much more. They are completely versatile. Set-ups are quick and easy – NO WRENCHES NEEDED!